In 2003 the Building Regulations changed with the introduction of mandatory testing of 10% of all new attached homes whether new build, conversions or rooms for residential purposes. Builders now have to provide the Building Control Body with evidence of the sound insulation actually achieved in the dwellings. Builders and developers may also require evidence that sound insulation meets the requirements of BREEAM.

Sound insulation testing is the method used to measure the resistance of sound provided by an element of a building (such as a floor or wall) between dwellings. It essentially measures the effectiveness of the sound proofing treatment installed as part of a build or property development.

In order to conduct sound insulation testing the test bodies should be either UKAS accredited or ANC registered. All of PDA’s testers are ANC registered, and will provide the scheme pre-completion sound insulation tests in accordance with Approved Document E and its equivalent.

The short video below highlights the success of ANC registered testers, and why PDA’s testers are an asset to anyone undertaking building work.

As well as noise testing, we also offer air tightness testing to comply with Part L1 A&B of the Building Regulations. Noise Testing. Sound Testing.

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