The starting point for all building projects is to obtain planning permission and this involves an environmental noise survey.

The National Planning Policy Framework provides guidance to local authorities in England on the use of their planning powers to minimise the adverse impact of noise. An environmental noise survey together with recommendations for noise mitigation from a qualified acoustic consultant will be used in the determination of planning applications for residential or other noise-sensitive developments that will be exposed to existing noise sources.

For new residential developments local authorities will often require that a sound insulation scheme to meet the requirements of BS:8233 / WHO guidelines is submitted as part of the planning application. The local authorities may also request an assessment to BS:4142 where a component of industrial / commercial noise is present at the proposed site.

New industrial and or commercial developments may require an assessment to BS:4142 as part of their planning application.

PDA’s consultants have had a lead role in the preparation of the latest versions of BS:8233 and BS:4142 leading to extensive understanding of the standards required. This allows us successfully engage and involve the local environmental health officer throughout the survey and design process in order to ensure a positive outcome when the application is heard.

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