The changes to the Building Regulations Approved Document E in 2003 brought schools under it’s umbrella for the first time.

Schools are now required to be designed to the standards articulated in Building Bulletin 93. This is a comprehensive document that is much bigger than Approved Document E itself. It covers the break-in of external noise, control of reverberation times, airborne and impact sound insulation, ventilation, music rooms, rainfall noise and commissioning surveys to name just some of the major aspects.

Philip Dunbavin Acoustics Ltd. services include the following:

  • Environmental noise surveys.
  • Design of the building envelope.
  • Control of ventilation system noise.
  • The control of airborne and impact sound insulation.
  • The design of music rooms and other special areas.
  • The control of rainfall noise.
  • Commissioning surveys.
  • Design team meetings, site inspections, commissioning, etc.
  • Full compliance with BB 93 2015.

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