The basic acoustic requirements for a hotel vary due to location and the arrangement of internal facilities but fundamentally depend upon the comfort standard that the operator wishes to market.

The major part of a hotel is devoted to guest bedrooms and apartments and noise from activities in the back-of-house area must not be audible or disruptive. Planning of the hotel at an early stage is

essential to limit the interaction of occupational noise such as kitchens, mechanical services noise such as lifts, recreation noise such as bars, function rooms, gymnasiums etc.

Philip Dunbavin Acoustics Ltd. services include the following:

  • Baseline noise surveys.
  • Control of the break-in of noise from external noise sources e.g. cars, aircraft and trains.
  • Privacy between bedrooms and corridors.
  • Control of all mechanical services noise including fan coil units.
  • Control of structure-borne vibration and noise.
  • Meeting rooms, conference facilities, function rooms, sports centres, etc.
  • Room reverberation times and the optimised speech intelligibility in public areas, fire alarms, etc.
  • Design team meetings, site inspections, commissioning, etc.

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