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Title File
Manchester mummies like sleeping  Download
Planning Conditions; Their Development and Practical Limitation in Common Application  Download
As Quiet as the Grave  Download
Quiet Nightclubs  Download
Leeds Metropolitan University – Design and Build of new Acoustic Laboratory Suite  Download
Dinorwig Power Station – Noise Control in a Hydro-Electric Power Station  Download
The effect of disco noise on sharks  Download
Extreme Connexions: Action Sports, Youth Advice Centre and Recording Studio  Download
The Edgbaston New Stand  Download
Leisure Noise  Download
Practical realities of environmental noise control  Download
A practical approach to Noise Control in the Wire Industry  Download
Noise Pollution  Download
Noise and acoustics in Hospitals  Download
Noisy bars and the dangers of ‘Sound Proofing’  Download
School Acoustics and BB93  Download
Basic Guide to Architectural Acoustics  Download
The Manchester University SEP Project  Download
Predicting Noise Behaviour in Building Acoustics  Download
BS 4142:2014 Methods for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound  Download
Acoustics - Soundscape - Part 2: Data Collection and Reporting Requirements  Download
Acoustics - Soundscape - Part 3: Data Analysis  Download

Company Papers

Title File
Round Robin on Uncertainty in Sound Insulation Measurements  Download
An examination of some aspects of the use of ISO 140 Part 4 and 7 in field measurements  Download
A study of the effects of occupied test rooms and a manual, moving microphone when measuring Airborne Sound Insulation  Download
Can the house building industry ever achieve full compliance with the sound insulation requirements of National Building Regulations and create truly sustainable homes?  Download
Directivity of a Hemi-Dodecahedron Sound Source  Download
Uncertainty In Acoustics - Measurement, Prediction & Assessment  Download