When purchasing a machine the customer often wishes to know information regarding the emitted noise levels by way of Factory Acceptance Testing.

To control the overall ambient noise levels within a given working environment/production/plant area to below stipulated noise limits, the customer often species that the supplied machinery/equipment is to meet a specific design criteria in regards to the emitted Sound Power Level (Lw) or Sound Pressure Level (Lp) at 1m. In order for the manufacturer to prove to the customer that the supplied machinery/equipment meets the design criteria noise testing is required as part of the final production process. Such noise tests are often referred to as Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).

To comply with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 (SI 2008 No. 1597 & EU Directive 2006/42/42), manufacturers are obliged to supply the following information within the manual/instructions that accompany the machine.

  • The A-weighted sound pressure levels at workstations, where this exceeds 70 dBA. If sound pressure levels at the workstation does not exceed 70 dBA then this must be stated.
  • The LCPeak sound pressure level at workstations where this exceeds 130 dB
  • A-weighted Sound Power Level (Lw) where the sound pressure at workstations exceeds 80 dBA

PDA are able to test emitted noise levels from machinery/equipment and evaluate its Sound Power Level (Lw) to a variety of commonly requested standards and procedures including:

  • BS EN ISO 3744:2010
  • BS EN ISO 3746:2010
  • EEMUA 140
  • General Requirements of SI 2008 No. 1597
  • Various other specific noise testing standards upon request

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